Citroen Hybrid Technology – The Stepping Stone For A Sustainable Future

Citroen Hybrid Technology – The Stepping Stone For A Sustainable Future

With a fleet-wide carbon dioxide emission of 111g/km, PSA Peugeot Citroen is a clear leader in the race to promote environmentally friendly cars. Yet, the competition is not slacking either.

At the beginning of 2017, PSA Peugeot Citroen will further extend its leadership in environmentally friendly engines by launching a new family of diesel engines.

Called the DV-R, this new range of engines will strengthen the Group's standings and comply with the Euro 6.2 emissions standard that is set to be enforced in 2017.

The first DV-R production module installed at the Française de Mécanique facility in Douvrin, in northern France, will have an annual capacity of 640,000 engines. The Group will invest nearly €60mil (RM245mil) in this phase of the project.

In 2018, a second production module with an annual capacity of 640,000 engines will be installed at the Trémery facility in eastern France.

This demonstrates the Group's commitment to meeting its customer's increasing expectations for engines that consume less fuel, emit less hazardous emissions and not compromise on performance. Clean diesel and diesel hybrid engines are a cornerstone in achieving this.

The HDi clean diesel engines have a clear advantage over their petrol counterparts – with fuel consumption lowered by 25% and cardon dioxide emission cut by 15%. Sitting one rung above the innovation ladder is our HYbrid4 diesel hybrid engines.

Citroen Hybrid Technology – The Stepping Stone For A Sustainable Future

The Group is currently the second largest producer of hybrid vehicles in Europe, with more than 50,000 diesel hybrid vehicles sold since 2012. One out of three Citroen DS5 sold in Europe is a diesel hybrid.

Unlike other hybrids, the Citroen DS5 diesel hybrid's HYbrid4 full-hybrid drivetrain is not just aimed to reduce fuel consumption, but also to deliver better driving performance – two areas that are often thought to be contradictory.

At PSA Peugeot Citroen, we believe that fuel economy and driving performance are not a zero-sum game. Despite consuming just 3.8 litres/100km of diesel, the DS5 HYbrid4's 2.0-litre HDi engine delivers 200hp via a sophisticated four-wheel-drive transmission. Not only is it economical and environment friendly, it also offers better performance all-year round thanks to its superior traction abilities.

As such, our HYbrid4 system represents a clear advantage over our competitors.

The HYbrid4 is a culmination of the Group's 500 million Euros investments, 300 patents by our team of 1,500 technicians and engineers. Unsurprisingly, the DS5 Hybrid4 is also the vehicle of choice by France's President, Francois Hollande.

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