The Citroen Conservatoire

The Citroen Conservatoire

Late in 2001, Citroen opened the 'Conservatoire' - a museum of Citroen heritage, containing over 300 cars and an immeasurable amount of historical documentation and archival material.

The Conservatoire is housed in a 6,500 square metre specially built warehouse at the Aulnay factory in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris in the direction of Charles de Gaulle airport.

Of that space, the vast majority - 5,000 sq.m is used for vehicle storage, 500 sq.m for archive (giving 1,400m of shelf space, and storage for many other items), and 1,000 sq.m of workshop space to maintain the stored vehicle.

The Citroen Conservatoire

The location itself is historic - it was originally opened as a Citroen factory (called 'Epinettes' in 1924) as a stamping plant for metalwork. The first whole car (a DS) rolled off the Aulnay line in the early 70s, and it has been the production site for many of Citroen's cars through to today's C2 and C3 - the six millionth car from Aulnay was a C3 built in 2003.

The Citroen Conservatoire

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