Stay Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

Stay Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

PSA Group and SAIPA, Citroën's historic partner in Iran since 1966, have signed a framework agreement to create a joint-venture to produce and sell Citroën vehicles in Iran.

The holiday season is here, and a lot of us will be travelling, be it for a short weekend getaway or a week away. Take these travel tips into account, and you'll be prepared for even the worst traffic!

1. Have a good stock of water, juices and snacks to munch on. Avoid salty snacks as they tend to dehydrate your body. Fruits are always preferable. They not only give you energy but are also tasty in-between-meal snacks.

2. Ensure you have your car checked up for oil, water and other essentials. Even small things such as a first aid kit can make a difference.

3. Do not constantly time yourself. This will only stress you out. Take each mile as it comes. Some might take a while whereas some might get over before even you know it!

4. Even if it is hot outside, open your window every once in a while. Fresh air can wake you up and keep you alert.

5. Make a few stops along the way. Get down, stretch and maybe get a coffee.

Stay Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

Here’s from all of us at Citroen Malaysia wishing you all happy holidays!

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