Magic Carpet Ride Is Back

Magic Carpet Ride Is Back

Those of you who have been following this newsletter may remember that Citroen is planning to bring back the magic carpet ride.

The new suspension setup is the first chance we've had to see the work being done. Unlike early predictions of a complex 'active' suspension system, this is a purely 'passive' setup, one that reacts as would any car's springs and dampers to muffle the bumps and thumps coming up from the road. A more expensive 'Active' setup is likely still under development for top-spec DS models, but that version (already dubbed 'revolutionary' in absentia by DS executives) remains under wraps.

"The Citroen Advanced Comfort Lab prototype features three innovations, one for each form of transmission, in order to reduce the vibrations felt by the occupants and thus significantly improve driving comfort. Citroen has filed more than thirty patents for the technologies implemented by this prototype, but they were all developed to be applicable, from both a cost and production standpoint, to all the vehicles in the Citroen range" said Citroen in a statement.

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