The 2CV Revisited – Fun Facts

The 2CV Revisited – Fun Facts

We all love the 2CV dearly, but we bet there are some things about the little workhorse you didn’t know about. Here they are!

  • In early production of 2CV, the same type of screw was used on the majority of the car. The engine started up very easily and was held together with 4 screws. This was the same principle for the car body.

  • Pierre Boulanger wanted to create a car that could be driven by farmers and could quickly start in the morning without any worries after a night outside. Comfort was not the priority and with the poor state of roads at the time, the 2CV had to have a very flexible suspension. It was expected that the 2CV could cross ploughed field with a basket of eggs in the trunk without breaking any. Because of its basic features, the 2CV was described as “four wheels under an umbrella”.

  • The 2CV prototype had only one headlight. At that time, the traffic laws didn't require two! The 2CV was nicknamed "The Cyclops" and, initially, the headlight was placed at the centre of the bonnet. Later, the headlight was placed on the left of the car.

  • To run studies and tests on the 2CV, and because Pierre Boulanger feared someone would copy his ideas, he bought a secure property on the west side of Paris. 49 prototypes were built and tested within this special area with a 2.5 kilometer track and all types of terrain.

  • In 1959, a removable radio is launched: the Radioën. It is detachable in order to be used somewhere else.
  • In 1982, the 2CV becomes James Bond’s car during a scene in the movie "For your eyes only". The car is featured on the poster. On the occasion of the promotion, Citroën launched a limited edition of 500 cars, the 2CV 007 complete with 'bullet hole' transfers on the windows.

The 2CV Revisited – Fun Facts

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